The Internet is awesome

The Internet is awesome. Not only does it give you access to cool videos like this one:

It also gives you the option to discover them and then allows you to translate the description from Japanese to English:

“On the 29th in the UK, paramedics successfully completed the first test of rushing to the scene in a jet suit! Richard Browning, the developer of the jet suit, tested it himself, and it took him just 90 seconds to travel a distance that would take 25 minutes to walk.”

Or Japanese to German for that matter:

“Am 29. in Großbritannien haben die Rettungssanitäter erfolgreich den ersten Test bestanden, bei dem sie in einem Jet-Anzug zum Einsatzort eilten! Richard Browning, der Entwickler des Jet-Anzuges, testete ihn selbst, und er brauchte nur 90 Sekunden, um eine Strecke zurückzulegen, die zu Fuß 25 Minuten dauern würde.”