The only winning is move is not to play

You probably know the quote from the 1983 movie War Games:
The only winning is move is not to play.

In the movie the “Game” is called “Thermonuclear War” and it was pretty much a given for every viewer that this is a no win game. (Actually, there were two games. It also played Tic Tac Toe)

This is another game yo can’t win:

The rules are simple:

I offer 100 [currency] for the highest of two bidders. Bids start at 1 [currency]. There is a catch though: I not only get the money of the highest bid but also the money of the second highest.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? You just bid 1 [currency] and make a profit of 99 [currency]. The second bidder just raises to 2 [currency] and would still make a profit of 98 [currency]. So what do you do? And how does he react?

Think it through!
Still think you can win that game?