Making the side bar show on smaller windows

While I generally like WordPress one thing has irked me for a long time: The “Responsive Layout” of all themes hide the side bar when I am using my standard browser window size, which is 960 pixels width (or half of the 1920 pixels width of my monitor). There is a certain threshold where it becomes visible at about 1000 pixels width, but I don’t want to make the window wider just for that.

Today I found out how to change that with the “independent-publisher 2” theme I am currently using with this blog (and that’s why I am posting this here and not on even though it’s a technical topic).

In the theme there is a style.css file which near the bottom has a section which says:

16.3 - >= 992px

@media screen and (min-width: 62em) {
[lots of stuff here]

Changing the 62em to 945px (59em also worked) solved that problem for me. Now I can still see the side bar when I use a browser window that is 960 pixels wide. I also tried 960px, but then the side bar appeared at a windows width of 974 pixels, probably because of the scroll bar.

I hope I have not broken the layout for other devices. I tried it on my mobile phone where the change made no difference.