Simplify Your Delphi Projects with GExperts’ Uses Clause Manager Expert

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Note: It all sounds plausible, but there are a lot of wrong claims in this text.


If you’re a developer working with Delphi, you’re likely familiar with the complexities that can arise when managing the uses clauses in your project. With a growing codebase and numerous units to include, it’s easy to end up with messy and redundant uses clauses. Thankfully, there’s a powerful tool at your disposal to simplify this process: the Uses Clause Manager Expert in GExperts. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of this expert and how it can streamline your Delphi development workflow.

What is GExperts?

GExperts is a comprehensive set of IDE enhancements for Delphi and C++Builder. It offers a wide range of productivity tools designed to improve the development experience and boost efficiency. The Uses Clause Manager Expert is just one of the many gems that GExperts provides to Delphi developers.

The Power of the Uses Clause Manager Expert:

The Uses Clause Manager Expert is a tool specifically designed to help you manage and organize the uses clauses in your Delphi projects. It offers several powerful features that simplify the process and enhance code readability.

Sorting and Organizing:

One of the primary tasks of the Uses Clause Manager Expert is to sort and organize the units within the uses clause. It automatically arranges the units in alphabetical order, making it easier to locate and identify specific units. This not only improves readability but also helps identify any missing or redundant units that may have been inadvertently included.

Note: This is wrong. The Uses Clause Manager does not sort the units in any way. There is a tool that can do this though: MMX Code Explorer by Uwe Raabe

Removing Unused Units:

As your Delphi project evolves, you might find that certain units are no longer required. Manually identifying and removing these unused units can be a time-consuming task. The Uses Clause Manager Expert simplifies this process by automatically detecting and removing unused units from the uses clause. This helps reduce clutter and eliminates unnecessary dependencies.

Note: This, again, is a wrong claim. The Uses Clause Manager does not detect and/or remove unused units. There is a tool that can do this, though: The Uses list cleaner in CnWizards

Merging Similar Units:

In large projects, it’s common to have multiple units with similar names or functionalities. The expert allows you to merge these units into a single unit, reducing duplication and improving the overall project structure. By consolidating similar units, you can enhance code maintenance and reduce the chances of conflicts or naming collisions.

Note: This, again, is a wrong claim. The Uses Clause Manager does not have such functionality. And out of the top of my head I don’t know of any tool that does. I’m not even sure this would be helpful in any way.

Customization and Configuration:

The Uses Clause Manager Expert provides various customization options to suit your preferences. You can specify how you want the units to be sorted, define exclusion lists for units that should not be modified, and even configure naming conventions for unit aliases. These options give you greater control over how the expert manages your uses clauses, ensuring that it aligns with your specific project requirements.

Note: This, again is a wrong claim. The Uses Clause Manager has got some configuration options, but none of the above can be configured.


Efficiently managing uses clauses is crucial for maintaining clean and well-organized Delphi projects. With the Uses Clause Manager Expert from GExperts, you can streamline this process and improve code readability. By automatically sorting, removing unused units, merging similar units, and offering customization options, the expert simplifies the task of managing uses clauses, allowing you to focus on writing quality code.

Integrating GExperts into your Delphi IDE and leveraging the power of the Uses Clause Manager Expert can save you valuable time and effort, enhance your development workflow, and contribute to the overall quality of your Delphi projects. Give it a try, and experience the benefits firsthand!

So, really, all the above is utter bullshit. If you want to know what the Uses Clause Manager actually can do, here are some links:

(I was just about to say that the Uses Clause Manager is also covered in the GExperts help, but found that it isn’t. WTF? Apparently nobody bothered to update that help when it was added.)

Why did I put this online anyway? I was wondering how good a blog post ChatGPT would be able to write on this topic and how much of it would be correct. The Uses Clause Manager hasn’t changed much since the time ChatGPT stopped getting trained and all the functionality was described in blog posts or the GExperts online help. I wasn’t prepared for it just fantasizing a lot of functionality that the tool doesn’t have and not actually mentioning any of the functionality it does have. And after I saw that, I wanted to share this to make others aware of this. I think that’s the greatest danger these supposedly all knowing AI tools pose: They sound very convincing even if they spout utter bullshit. What’s even worse: This kind of “content” is very cheap to generate and we will see a lot of it on the Internet in the near future. (Advertisers love cheap, convincing content.) And since AI tools are trained with websites, they will start “learning” from this bullshit content and it will be repeated all over the place.

Just for your continued amusement, I asked ChatGPT:

How many of these claims are actually true?

Here is the answer, still convincing but still a wrong claim:

As an AI language model, I can’t provide real-time information or access to external sources. Therefore, I can’t verify the current accuracy of the claims made in the blog post. The information provided is based on general knowledge about GExperts and the Uses Clause Manager Expert up until September 2021. It’s always a good practice to consult the official documentation or the latest information available from reliable sources to verify the claims and features of a specific software tool.

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