Moving away from Google+

I have been a user of Google+ from nearly the beginning. Google has decided to close down this service in about 9 month’s time, so I am looking for alternatives. Facebook is not an option at all. Twitter doesn’t really feel right, especially with a certain Twit in Chief trolling there. I tried other “Social Networks”, but none so far have felt right either.

So I am creating a second blog site My existing blog at will continue to be more of a “professional” site, in particular about programming and IT (and GExperts). This new blog will replace my more personal opinion posts on Google+.

I have set up automatic (cross-)posting to Google+ and Twitter, so if you want to follow me or comment on my posts that’s where you can go. Comments on this blog will be closed as I don’t want to spend too much time on moderating comments and deleting spam. Unfortunately Twitter does not have the equivalent of collections of Google+, so I have yet to find an option to separate posts from and Maybe I will set up a second account there (not sure if that’s even allowed).

Edit: I have set up a new twitter account that is linked to this blog: blub.dummzeuch.

For now this is all a bit rough around the edges. I particularly like the current theme, but have yet to find a better one.